SNOOP DOGG Heating Chamber fit for SNOOP DOGG G pen dry herb vaporizer Atomizer

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Detail Information:

1.Model A: The threading size is 0.75mm.It is fit for original SNOOP DOGG pen and some  replica of SNOOP DOGG pen.

2.Model B: The threading size is 0.50mm.It is only for some replica of SNOOP DOGG pen.Can't fit for original SNOOP DOGG pen.



 How to know which one you should choose? Model A or Model B ?

You must make confirm what's the thread size of your SNOOP DOGG battery.if your SNOOP DOGG battery can fully match CE4 atomizer,So you should choose the Model B.Otherwise please select the Model A.Because the size of CE4 thread is 0.5mm.

If your battery had buy from us,pls select the Model A.

How to place the order?

When you place the order,please leave a message (Model A or Model B) in the remarks.

if you didn't tell us which Model you wanted,we will send Model A to you.

Product Description:


  • Huge vapor, no burning smell

  • No leaking, easy to refill

  • Structures: rubber mouthpiece, ceramic filter, mesh filter, spring, chamber connector, ceramic heating chamber

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